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"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand."


- Neil Gaiman -



Explicitly Wyatt











































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Two lonely souls find each other in the most unlikely place. They can only fight love for so long until they can't fight it any longer. Can their love survive? Or will life's obstacles get in their way?

Enticing Sky

Desire. Craving. Lust. Never love.


You met Wyatt Weston in Enticing Sky, now meet Wyatt before his life was forever changed by Skyrah.


Wyatt Weston, CEO and Business guru and a forever playboy and commitment-phobe, Wyatt never wants to settle down. Wyatt simply has no time for relationships, other than the ones he has with his family. Women are just too needy, controlling and downright nagging in his mind. However, his lust for them is insatiable.


Wyatt has a close relationship with his brother, Wriston Weston. Wriston has many trials and tribulations while getting his bar Bottoms Up ready for the grand opening. See how Wyatt handles the disarray that is brought into this life due to Wriston.


Explore the Weston brothers and who they were prior to meeting them both in Enticing Sky.

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